Safety Standards for our Guests

Safety Standards for our Guests

Safety is our top concern and we are committed to running a fun and safe company. The office staff and guides are professionally trained with Avalanche, CPR, and First Aid. This is well above the company standards of the valley.

On-the-Spot Medical Assistance:

On any of our tours we are at least 2 hours from medical care so to have this knowledge under our belts sets us above the rest, should an issue arise where medical attention is needed.

Tracking our Staff & Guests:

We carry SPOT beacons, which track our whereabouts on the trail via satellite and help is a button push away. We are also certified with no less than the Avalanche I Certification.

Safety on the Road:

Our drivers are all DOT-certified and our vehicles are the safest on the road being monitored daily by an outside company and keeps everything well beyond the standards set by other companies in the valley.